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Residential Plumbing in New York City

Residential Plumbing NYCPlumbing problems in your home should be addressed right away. Failure to act on them could result in extensive water damage or, worse yet, waste water spilling into your home. When you encounter such issues in your home, you need a New York City plumber equipped to handle any problem at a moment’s notice. We at Star Cities Plumbing & Heating want to be that contractor for you.

Our emergency plumber services are the best available in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area. We understand  residential plumbing issues can’t wait, which is why our team is prepared to offer the same dedication and service to your home as they would to their own.

You Always Have Options

Many plumbing contractors will try to take advantage of your need for immediate assistance by only offering emergency services at astronomical rates. It’s important to remember even though your problem needs immediate attention, you still have options. Here are some things to consider when looking for an emergency plumber:

  • Properly equipped and prepared: When dealing with emergency plumbing issues, you want peace-of-mind, not band aid solutions. Whichever plumber you choose to call should be able to fix the problem right then and there, not simply patch it up to return and fix it later.
  • Fair pricing: Yes, you’re in a tight spot. But that does not mean you should have to pay through the nose to have your plumbing issues fixed.
  • Properly licensed and insured: Sometimes problems fixed in emergency circumstances need to be done quickly in order to avoid further damage. Jobs done quickly are more likely to have oversights which can lead to future problems. As such, you want be sure whatever emergency work you receive is guaranteed through the plumber’s insurance policy.

Trust Star Cities with your Residential Emergency Plumbing Needs

Don’t feel you have to be a slave to a work schedule when it comes to addressing your home’s plumbing issues. An emergency plumber from Star Cities Plumbing & Heating can be made available to you at any time of day or night to deliver the same prompt response, competitive pricing and honest assessment customers receive during regular business hours.

For any emergency plumbing need, call us right away at 800-547-1422 or contact us online