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Troubleshooting Toilets Made Easy

Troubleshooting ToiletsHave you ever woken up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, and found that there was toilet water on the floor? Nothing is more annoying than a leaky toilet, especially when you don’t know what the problem is. At Star Cities Plumbing, we understand your frustration in troubleshooting toilets. That’s why we are available 24/7 to fix any plumbing problems you may have.

Common Causes of Toilet Leakage

If your toilet is leaking, you want to find out the cause as soon as possible. Troubleshooting toilets is made easy with this checklist:

  1. Condensation: One of the most common causes of toilet leakage is condensation of water on the outside of the tank. Known as “sweating,” this problem occurs when the temperature of the bathroom and the tank water are different.
  2. Leaking from inside the tank: The easiest way to check if water is leaking from inside the tank is to remove the toilet tank’s lid and put some coloring into the water. Wait for a little bit and if the same colored water ends up on the floor, then you have found your problem. Now you just need to find where that water is coming from:
    1. Between the bowl and the tank: Most of the time, this can be detected with the color test from above. You may need to get new washers or a new sponge gasket to fix the problem.
    2. Fill valve shank gasket: Make sure there are no cracks near the gasket in the porcelain. You may need to tighten the shank nut or replace the gasket.
    3. Fill valve refill tube. Check to see if the refill tube is loose.
    4. Cracks in the toilet tank. Replace the tank or the whole toilet.

Are you having issues troubleshooting toilets? No problem. At Star Cities Plumbing, our New York City plumber is available today to help you with all your plumbing problems. Contact us at (800) 547-1422.

The Importance of Detecting Water Leaks and Energy Conservation Issues

Water Leaks and Energy ConservationMany people are unfamiliar with the connection between water leaks and energy conservation. However, at Star Cities Plumbing this is something we take very seriously. We believe it is very important to be able to identify leaks and their symptoms so that you can have these issues cleared up and save energy in your home.

Run a Check on Your Water Meter

If you are not using any water but you happen to notice your water meter is changing, then you might have a hidden leak in your home somewhere. A good way to check this is to mark your water meter level with a marker and check it in an hour. Be sure that you do not use any water during that time. If it has changed, then you might have an issue with water leaks and energy conservation on your hands.

Notice Any Bad Smells or Discoloration

Another way to check for water leaks in your home is to call a professional plumber out if you smell any foul or mildew odors coming from the floors or walls in your home. It is pretty common that these smells originate near drains or sewer lines, but this is not always the case. If there is a bad smell, or discoloration in your ceiling, walls, or floors, you might have a leak. A New York City plumbing contractor can help determine whether there is a leak or not.

Call the Professionals

Star Cities Plumbing is dedicated to helping homeowners identify water leaks and energy conservation methods. Finding the leaks and taking care of them right off the bat will be very helpful in saving you money while caring for the environment. If you detect that you might have a water leak in your house somewhere, make sure to give us a call at 800-547-1422.

How to Successfully Carry Out a Water Leak Inspection

Water Leak InspectionWater is great to have, until you have it in places that you’d rather not. Star Cities Plumbing is here to not only take care of New York City’s plumbing needs; we’re also here to teach you a few things in the process. While you wait for us to arrive to take care of your water leak, you might first want to determine where the leak is coming from through a water leak inspection.

Turn Your Appliances Off

The first thing that you’ll want to do is shut off all appliances in your home that use water, which means shutting off the water both outside and inside of your home.

After that, you’ll need to remove the lid and cover from the meter box. If you see the triangle or round disc, known as the “leak indicator,” spinning, then you more than likely have a leak. Some meters don’t have indicators and use dials instead. If the meter dial hand is still in motion after you’ve shut off your appliances, then you still have running water somewhere in your system.

Waiting is another part of your water leak inspection if the meter hand isn’t moving. Wait 10 minutes and check the meter again to see if it has moved. If it has, then you more than likely have a slow leak.

Toilet Leak

To check your toilet for a leak, flush it, add a few drops of food coloring to the reservoir while it’s still filling and wait about 15 minutes. If the water in your bowl shifts colors, then you probably need to replace the flapper valve.

If you ever feel that performing a water leak inspection is too complex or if you’re unable to locate the leak, call a licensed New York City plumbing expert. Contact us at Star Cities Plumbing at 800-547-1422.

How to Snake a Drain and Stop a Leak

How to Snake a DrainHave a clogged sink? A leaking faucet? You may not need to call in the experts just yet. At Star Cities Plumbing, we love to help homeowners save a little bit of money by giving them tips, like how to snake a drain. If you are experiencing an emergency, our specialists are prepared to help. Otherwise, try these convenient do-it-yourself plumbing techniques.

Problem: The Sink Is Clogged

If your kitchen or bathroom sink is clogged, there are a few things you can try doing:

  • Get a sink plunger at a local hardware store and pump until the clog is clear.
  • Check and clear the p-trap, which is the curved section of pipe below the sink, by turning off the water and disassembling the pipe.
  • If you’re wondering how to snake a drain, it’s relatively simple. Place the tip of the device into the drain’s stub-out, crank clockwise to move it through the pipe and push through the clog.

Problem: The Faucet Is Leaking

As any New York City plumbing specialist knows, your faucet could be dripping for a number of reasons. You can try taking apart the hardware to look for a cracked piece or clean out the aerator, which is the little screen over the mouth of the faucet.

Problem: Water Is Dripping Through Your Ceiling

If you see a wet spot and drops of water coming through your ceiling, shut off water at the source of the leak if you can find it, or turn off the main water valve in your home. Next, call a professional plumber. Do-it-yourself repairs are great for minor clogs and leaks, but situations like this need expert attention.

If you know how to snake a drain and remove and replace a faucet, you can save yourself a little bit of money when it comes to some plumbing issues. It is best to call our staff at Star Cities Plumbing when you can’t resolve the problem or if the leak is beyond your abilities. Contact us today at (800) 547-1422 to find out how we can help you.

How to Deal With Leaky Pipes

Leaky Pipe DetectionThe services of a good plumbing company, like Star Cities Plumbing & Heating, gets noticed more when something goes wrong with your plumbing such as a leaky toilet, faucet or shower. Hiring our professional plumbing service to perform leak detection and fix the job will save you from additional damages to your home or business. Star Cities Plumbing & Heating Company will do the job efficiently and correctly the first time so that you avoid future repairs.

Star Cities Plumbing & Heating  is available for any type of emergency and will be there for you 24 hours a day. We understand that emergencies don’t always occur at convenient times. We offer reasonable prices, and we put you, the customer, first! Here at Star Cities Plumbing & Heating, not only do we offer leak detection services, but we offer:

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, if you need a major overhaul on a plumbing system or just a minor repair, hiring a professional company like ours to do the work will ensure your problems are resolved once and for all. If you notice a leaking shower, faucet or toilet, it’s important to call us as soon as possible. A minor leak can quickly lead to more serious problems such as mold and structural damage. These are hazardous to your family’s safety and health. In most cases, leaks are minor and can be quickly remedied. However, they become a lot more serious if not repaired and can cause expensive damages to your home. Our professional and experienced plumbers can have a leak fixed in just a few hours time. However, with any leak, there could be underlying causes that make it a more serious issue. Our professional plumbers can quickly discern if you have a small leak or a major problem that would involve repairs and extensive overhauling.

When it comes to small problems like leaking toilets, faucets or showers, don’t give it time to turn into a serious problem. We offer a fast response to every call and emergency services any time of the day or night. We are honest, experienced and licensed to perform all your plumbing services.

Contact us at Star Cities Plumbing & Heating at 800-547-1422  and we can resolve your plumbing needs today.